Who we are?

New Allied Distributors (NAD) is a greatly reliable distribution company with expertise in FMCG logistics, distributing, and marketing all over Syria. We specialize in delivering a wide range of products from all over the world; using sophisticated market analysis, marketing strategies and the strong network we’ve established in the Syrian market in order to ensure the best visibility, display, and availability of the products we handle. We also provide top quality after-sales services.

More about NAD

We handle a wide range of premium consumer goods of the most well-known brands from all over the world, delivering our suppliers’ products to an ever-demanding Syrian market. We are expert distributors prioritizing the following: directly serving all sales channels, focusing on the best visibility, drawing up and executing the most effective client communications/marketing strategy, and providing all technical and after-sales support. This why we have achieved long-term sustainable growth despite the challenges affecting Syria. It only took a couple of years since its establishment for NAD to leave its fingerprint on the Syrian market, leading the handled brands to success by not only achieving its objectives and volume goals, but often surpassing them. This success is largely owed to our professional and well-trained team and our considerable commercial experience. Perhaps most importantly, our in-depth knowledge of both the legal and cultural environment in Syria has helped us in building the most efficient distribution network across the country.

Based in Damascus with sales branches in Aleppo, Homs, Tartous, Sweida, and Latakia (with a storage capacity of 8000sq.m), NAD’s extensive distribution network enables us to market well-established worldwide brands to more than 8,000 POS’s of all sales channels throughout Syria.

Working side-by-side with our supplying partners, NAD remains committed to increasing the scope and quality of its services. Moreover, NAD intends to provide more to the market by expanding its portfolio of products in response to the changing needs of its customers and the market.

Our Vision

New Allied Distributors' vision is to provide the highest quality distribution service in Syria. NAD is continually working to maintain its position as the most well-organized and best equipped distribution company in its field with the full satisfaction of our suppliers and customers alike.

Our Mission

   Effectively maintain a fully automated distribution network

   Cover and serve all sales points within Syria

   Select high-quality products for distribution in various sectors

   Ensure that every supplier's goals are met and exceeded

   Create an environment where people's contributions are viewed as engines of growth

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to do our business with all of our clients (suppliers, re-sellers, and consumers) in a principled and transparent manner. This entails maintaining a responsible attitude towards everyone we deal with.

Everything we do is driven by the changing needs of the consumer. If we conclude that there is more demand of a certain product than there is availability, we strive to satisfy this need by widening our current range of available products. We pride ourselves on our quality of service. Not to mention that we are also sensitive to the potential demands of the consumer, viewing our function as both a satisfier and a driver of the demands of Syrian consumers.


The needs and aspirations of Syria’s consumers are constantly evolving at their own pace. Our dynamic marketing campaigns aim to accelerate and widen these new consumer trends by making the market recognize our handled goods and the new products we offer. We are continually developing valuable new ideas and approaches to this ever-changing market.


Allied Centers, Jordan Highway Sahnaya
Damascus - Syria
P.O.Box 222 Barzeh

Fax: +963 988 100 323
Tel:  +963 932 322 994


Who are we?


New Allied Distributors (NAD) is one of Syria ’s leading distribution companies. We specialize in importing and delivering a wide range of products from all over the world to an ever-demanding Syrian market. 



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